I am a strategist, researcher, systems designer, and writer interested in sustainability, urban futures, regenerative technologies, China, new economic thinking, world-building, and ethics.

I’ve worked primarily at the intersection of investment, policy, and development. Currently, I am working on an array of projects on the cutting-edge of well-being and happiness thinking, participatory governance, and regenerative investment.

At Equilibrium Capital, an investment firm managing $2.2 billion of real assets, I was the Director of Sustainability. There, I led development, design, and research for our long-term sustainability strategy and engaged with SOE’s to accelerate investment in permanent crops, advanced agriculture, green buildings, and clean energy.

I’ve worked in urban development strategy, helping to craft guiding principles and elegant strategies for sustainable urbanization in China at Energy Innovation. These strategies are now being used to train government officials and guide large-scale urban development projects in China, inform urban planning in Mexico City, and to promote sustainability principles in Sweden. I have written for or been featured in ScienceForbesFortune ChinaNext City, C40, and Caijing, among others.

I researched and wrote about energy governance for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and conducted market scoping, evaluation, and management of supply chains in textiles and electronics with the Natural Resources Defense Council in close collaboration with the International Finance Corporation.

I obtained my Master’s in Public Affairs from Princeton University with a certificate in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy. Before that, I completed my BA in International Affairs with minors in Anthropology and Philosophy at George Washington University. I spent a year studying philosophy and international affairs at Peking University and was a recipient of the U.S. State Department’s Critical Language Scholarship. I am fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

I am open to new projects, distracting conversations, and absurd ideas. Please contact me at cc.huang2 at gmail dot com.